Spotlight on the Public Health Brigade


The Global Brigades Public Health Brigade aims to empower local communities through preventive healthcare. Most common diseases like Chagas disease can be traced back to a poor home infrastructure in under-resourced areas. Volunteers work with local experts to build sustainable, low-cost home infrastructure vital to improving a family’s overall quality of life and preventing the spread of disease. Volunteers also provide a community training workshop to educate community members on preventive healthcare topics such as healthy lifestyle choices and personal hygiene. Between brigades, the local team maintains the infrastructure built to implement the health goals of the community. 

Public Health brigade leaders: Jae Hee Lee & Jeffrey Blackman

Details about the trip:

Who: WashU undergrads and Postbac students interested in global or public health, sustainable development, and volunteering. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not required, since the local team will have a translator available!

WhatVolunteers work with local experts in the homes of families to help construct:

  • Concrete floors: to prevent the spread of Chagas disease (which can lead to serious cardiac issues) by sealing holes between the floor and the wall.
  • Eco-stove: to remove the large amount smoke and soot that is produced by traditional wooden stoves so that less is inhaled by family members.
  • Hygiene station: pila (water storage unit), a latrine, and shower. This aids in personal hygiene and removes waste to minimize disease spread.

Volunteers will also provide an educational workshop to the primary school children in the community on the last day.

When: January 5-12th, 2018

Where: The community in Honduras we are visiting is TBD. We will be notified during the fall semester. We will be staying at a Global Brigades compound (with students from other universities).

How: Price includes costs of flights, ground transportation, and food and housing within the country, and is also dependent on the amount of money we can fundraise. Last year’s cost was ~$1725.