The first trip from Wash U went in May 2014 led by Hannah Jenkins and Lydia Stump. Unfortunately, Global Brigades has suspended trips to Ghana at this time, but we look forward to the potential or this trip yet again in the future.

In the rural Ghanaian communities where the Water program currently operates, families have limited access to sufficient, clean water. People often have to spend hours each day traveling to the nearest water source to collect and carry home water in buckets and jugs. Additionally, the available water is subject to high levels of contamination, including parasites and bacteria, and is rarely treated before being consumed. Even these contaminated sources can be completely consumed during the dry season, requiring community members to collect water from farther locations, using more of their time and energy. Without an increased quantity of clean water for drinking, cooking, hygiene and sanitation, community members, especially children and the elderly, are at high risk of contracting water related illnesses, which can have serious if not fatal health consequences.

The Water program implements sustainable water solutions to prevent water related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. With access to a higher quantity of clean water and with corresponding water, hygiene and sanitation education, community members can cut off the connection between water and illness and ultimately live healthier more productive lives. Water projects are implemented through the utilization of student volunteers.


In Ghana, the Water program addresses the lack of consistent clean water by constructing Household Rainwater Harvesters (HRH), which collect and store rainwater from a family’s roof. The HRH provide consistent access to clean water throughout the entire year. Volunteers work with families to construct an HRH, educate the family on system maintenance and water filtration, and educate school children from the community on water, sanitation and hygiene related topics.

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