Architecture Brigade will occur over the summer. 

The mission of Architecture Brigades is to collaborate with rural communities, providing them with sustainable designs and construction plans aimed at enhancing community member's health, economic production, and quality-of-life. Architecture Brigades provide students with the opportunity to design and/or construct small-scale in home infrastructural projects such as chicken coops, roofs, and additional rooms that are practical and will be used on a daily basis. Prior to the first brigades, the architecture team assesses community interest and selects a viable community for future projects. Alliances are then forged with the local government, as their support helps to procure local materials and facilitate brigades.

Student volunteers construct the projects alongside skilled Honduran masons and community members, ultimately creating the in-home infrastructure needed to improve both the health and quality-of-life. The participation of all Architecture chapters provides the funding and labor needed to complete the project. Construction can take anywhere from a few days to up to a few months, depending on the size of the project and the number of Architecture Brigades that support the project by supplying funding, labor, educational workshops, and more.

Volunteers work side-by-side with community members as well as with our Honduran project technicians in all aspects of construction, while learning about its design and long-term sustainability. No experience necessary!